Monday, 27 July 2015

Work From Home

Work From Home

Many people work from home. It is also a dream of millions of others who would like to do so, but don't know how to start. Those who work from home usually work for themselves. In other words, they run their own business.

This may not be for everyone. It means that you and you alone, are responsible for your income. If you don't work, guess what - you don't earn anything. On the other hand, if you find a way to make money by working at home, and you work hard, you will probably a lot more than you did in your old job. It really is up to you. 

Getting started is the difficult bit. You need a plan, one that works. You need ideas, ones that are not glorified scams, but good, solid ideas that others are using to successfully work at home. Here are a few ideas that work, ideas that you can use too to work at home. 

1. One of the easiest ways to work at home is to sell a service. What are you good at? Can you write well? You could write articles. Millions of webmasters need good articles. The pay isn't high, at least to start with, but you can earn as much as $30 for a 500 word article. 

Don't expect to start out at this rate. You will almost certainly have to work up to it, and that may take a few months. But it can be done and it has been done. Try learning about search engine optimization, or SEO. 
Essential SEO can help you in that respect.

Once you feel you know what SEO writing entails, try contacting SEO companies find them through and offering your services as an SEO content writer. It's just a fancy name for an article writer who knows how to inject the necessary SEO elements into an article. You will find to your delight that SEO companies are happy to pay, and pay well, for results.

2. You could set up affiliate websites and promote other people's products. Go to an affiliate network like 
Commission Junction or ClickBank , sign up and choose a product to promote. Set up a small website using the free Squidoo platform or the Bloggerplatform.

Write an article pre-selling the product. Don't try to hard sell it here. Just write what you think the product is like. Include a few bad points, but not too many. That can make your review sound much more real and honest. Conclude your article by suggesting that the reader may like to check out the product for themselves, and include your affiliate link. You can learn more about being an affiliate from Affilorama:

Flipping websites is big business. Learn more at 
Website Flipping Advice and download their free report. You can build small websites and sell them for money. It can be a very lucrative business model, and easier than you may think. Websites like Flippa are dedicated to buying and selling websites. Take your time and browse through it and learn what sells and what doesn't. When you are ready, start flipping!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Make Money Article Marketing

make money article marketing

Article marketing is one of the mainstays of Internet marketing. It is a simple idea that works surprisingly well. It is also a marketing method that practically anyone can do, as it requires no special skill besides writing, which most people can already do. 

Articles on the Internet can be of varying length. Around 500 words is probably the most common length, though 400 words is also becoming increasingly common. This length of text is long enough to make a point, but not so long that it becomes boring. It fits in well with the busy lives of those who use the Internet and provides relatively short snippets of information that are long enough to be useful. 

There are hundreds of article directories scattered around the Internet. The best known of these for article marketing purposes is EzineArticles . This is a well established directory that draws one of the biggest crowds of people to any directory. 

Articles are usually submitted to as many free article directories as possible, and there are many kinds of special software to assist in the respect, such as the free article submitter offered by Brad Callen, which also has a paid for upgrade option: 

The idea behind article marketing is simple enough. You write an informative article, in a "how to" style, or a "step-by-step" style, and at the end of the article you are allowed to have a resource box, also known as an author's bio box. 

This is a short sentence or two that briefly describes the author and can include a live link to a site where further information can be found. This is the real value of article marketing; it provides a valuable back link to a site owned by the author of the article. 

The article can also generate traffic to the website linked to from the resource box. However, this traffic is usually not very large, and it usually peaks after a few weeks or months at best. The article page in the directory can of course rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing in its own right. And because it is part of an authority site, the article directory, it is likely to rank better than it might otherwise. 

Back links from the article resource box is not necessarily limited to just that from the article directory. Ezines, or online newsletter, can freely publish the article provided they keep the resource box intact. This gives the ezine or newsletter a fresh source of content, and it provides another valuable back link to the website linked to. 

A popular article might get syndicated a hundred times or more over its lifetime, and each time it happens it becomes yet another back link to the promoted site. In this way article marketing is basically two fold: the initial instance is a back link and a source of traffic to the site it points to, and it can be picked up by ezines and newsletters to provide further traffic and more back links. 

Article marketing is known for its longevity. One popular article can spread around the Internet and become viral. This is especially so if it is submitted to hundreds of article directories. It can provide an ever-increasing source of back linking for the promoted site as well as traffic that will last for years to come.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Earn Money By Answering Questions

Earn Money by Answering questions

Answering questions may not seem to be an obvious way to make money online, but it can be. You may be familiar with Yahoo Answers where you can pose a question and invite others to answer you. It's a bit like that, but if you are the person who supplies the answers, you will get paid. 

Unlike Yahoo Answers, the sites that answer questions and pays those who supply the answers screen their experts a lot more closely. Anyone can supply an answer to any question on Yahoo Answers, but only those approved to do so will find themselves answering questions for pay. 

Some of the sites that pay you to answer questions are general and cover most subjects. Some of them are more specific and target a particular niche only. There are a growing number of these kinds of sites and some pay quite well too. 

However, it is quite intensive work as you will have to be present at your computer and online waiting in real time for people to pose a question that you are qualified to answer. You may also have to do some initial research to come up with the answer. While you are likely to know most things in your chosen field of expertise, you cannot reasonably be expected to have everything right at your fingertips every time. 

One popular question and answer site is 
Just Answer . They have over 100 categories with experts to answer questions in every one and more. For example, while researching their site they claimed they had 159 experts on hand, ready and waiting for questions to be posed to them. This number will likely vary at different times, but this is an indication of their popularity. 

The experts on these sites are often subject to a feedback system. This means that customers rate them according to how well their questions were answered. A feedback rating of 100%, for example, would mean that the expert concerned would have fully satisfied every customer with the answers they provided. In this way customers can choose the expert they feel is most likely to provide the best answer.

earn money answering questions you will have to undergo an expert screening process. You will be expected to be an expert in your chosen field, and you will be tested on this. You may also be scrutinized by customers as well as by other experts as this is the real test of your skill. 

If your knowledge is in a subject that is taught at college or even in school, then you may be interested in 
Student Questions . This site is geared towards students who need the answers to questions concerning their homework. There are certain ethical questions in this regard, but you will have to answer those for yourself. 

If your expertise is in small business, then 
Small Biz Advice could be ideal for you. This is a site where people pay to receive business advice and answers to their perplexing business questions. 

One site that is slightly different from most of the others is 
ChaCha . They accept questions from people using cell phones. This means that people may ask questions that are area specific, such as, "Where is the nearest gas station?" They would of course have to also provide their geographical location and you would then have to provide them with an accurate answer.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Make Money Online Casino

Few days ago I have shown you an easy way of earnings by just playing games. If you liked it then this article is for you. This article will provide you the overview of online casino and how you can get success.

Make Money Online Casino
Image from Flickr

Online casino and its advantage:

A casino is a house near to hotels, cruise ships or any tourist area where people earn money by playing gambling games. Gambling means you will put valuable things to get something and the result of the game will be determined by chance.  Similar things happen in online casino but this is virtual environment and you can earn money by betting with virtual or fake money. There are many websites which allow you to earn by playing many casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, slots, poker etc. To play these games you need to download software from their websites in most of the cases. But some websites which use flash technology gives you the opportunity to play in their websites. There are many advantages of using their service.

  • 1.     First advantage is you can make money by just playing casino games.

  • 2.     You don’t have to go outside to play casino games. Just download the software then play and enjoy.

  • 3.     You don’t have to wait for your turn which is the common problem of land-based casino.

  • 4.     You will get sign up bonus and virtual money to play the games.

Online casinos list:

  1. Bet365
  2. Unibet
  3. William Hill
  4. Euro Grand
  5. Bovada poker
  6. Prestige
  7. 888casino

Get started:

First choose any casino site from the list. There are many good casino sites you can also join them too.  Then download their software and its virus free. Then create account by giving your full information.

Make Money Online Casino signup

You may have to wait for some time if your internet connection is not fast enough. Then choose practice. By playing in practice mode you won’t get real cash but you will know how to play. Go to the help section to know how to play the game. In order to get bonus you need to deposit.

Make Money Online Casino practice mode

Tips for make money online casino:

Here I have listed some tips which will drive you in the right path. You may not become an expert but by following this you will get the maximum benefit.

  • 1.     First you have to find a good online casino which is trusted and reliable. Don’t be scammed by scam websites. Read their FAQ and search the site on google and if you find any bad comments about the website then don’t join. Reliable online casino gives a trial period.

  • 2.     Learn the rules of each game and know how to play. You should give enough time on it.

  • 3.     Join casino related forum and stay up to date with experts. This is a great place to get inspiration.

  • 4.     Trusted online casino often provides bonuses, discounts to attract their customers. Don’t miss this opportunity just grab it and save your money.

  • 5.     Pay close attention at the time of playing because your bet is irreversible. But at the same time you should understand that in order to win you luck needs to be in your favor. Don’t drink while playing because it destroys your concentration.  

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Earn Money By Playing Games

Earn Money By Playing Games
Image from Flickr

Some of us think that playing online game in computer is a waste of time. But it may also bring money for you. Your friend may laugh at you until you show him your payment. But don’t expect much money from it. Most gaming websites are free to join but some may want money from you before start. Here I have listed some websites where you can play free and can increase your income.



Here you can join free and your task will be to test the game. After joining, your name will be automatically added to their database. You will get an invitation to test the game. But don’t know how many times you have to wait for your first invitation. You will find the mistakes, bugs of the game and report them to make the game better. Join from here.



Here you can join free and choose any game from the list. By playing games you will get slingo coins. These coins can be used to buy sweepstakes. You need to spend 5000 slingo coin to buy per ticket. If you are lucky you can win prizes. If you don’t win anything you must play again and collect slingo coins. Join from here.



Play and win. You will get many free games to play. You will get email or prize claim form after winning prize. Join from here.

Gaming Jobs Online: 

gaming jobs online

This site gives you the opportunity to play the games before it is in the market. You can also earn money by reviewing it. You will test different levels of the game and find the bugs of the game and give some instructions to improve it. There are no restrictions of how much you should work. You can choose your own time. You need to invest at first to access the job and it will not take any commission of your earnings. This site supports 150 countries. Visitthe website and start earning. 



The world is corrupted and economy has collapsed. Now the world is waiting for a hero who can build the world again. If you think you are the person then join this site. In this game you will run government, build company and fight with others. You can cashout by Paypal after 20 euros. You can also refer others. This site accepts all country. Sign up link.



This site allows you to bet on sports for free. If you are lucky you will earn real money. But don’t worries you get enough virtual money to bet again. It supports paypal and you can request after reaching 200$. But you will get 100$ as they keep 100$ as fee. There are many ads which are the income source of this website. You can also earn by watching videos and taking surveys. Join here.



The world is attacked by the monster. Kill them and save the world. Refer others to help you and collect gold by killing those monsters. When your gold’s are converted into 10$, you can cashout. Click here.



Sign up here and get a town for free. But it’s a virtual town. Build your town and get gold and sell them to others for real money.   

Monday, 27 April 2015

Earn Money By Uploading Picture

Earn Money By Uploading Picture
Image from Flickr

Do you love to take pictures? Though many of us are not expert at photography but we keep capturing our special moments by taking picture. Now we all have a smart phone which allows us to take high quality pictures. Keep doing this because it can become your income source in near future. There are several websites which are waiting for your pictures. Some of them are given below.



Here you can upload pictures and if they are approved by them then they will show you on their website. You will get percentage for per sell. It is under envatomarket. With this account you will get the access to work in other areas like themeforest, activeden etc. Join here.

Requirements:  Your image should be at least 2 megapixel and they must be in RGB and JPG format. 

If you do not follow the rules your files will be rejected though they are good. You need to use FTP upload to upload 5 photos at a time. Visit their website and see the quality of those pictures and cross that limit. Main advantage is that you can download one picture for free per month as a member.



Here you can sell both pictures and videos. Your picture should be at least 4 megapixels and must be in JPG format. You can also earn by referring others. Join here.



After creating account you will submit pictures for approval. After approval you will get 25-30% per sale as a contributor. But exclusive photographer receives more than that (60%). Minimum payout is 100$. Join here.


You will be given a quiz after creating account and you will be asked to submit your 3 best photos to get approval. Join here.



Here credit is used to buy and sell photo. 1 credit = 1.4$. Minimum payout is low only 2$. This site supports paypal. Join here.

Tips for taking good picture:

Don’t zoom with smartphone: Modern smartphone gives you the opportunity to zoom your photo. But it doesn’t have any physical lens like Camera. It actually crops your image before taking picture and you lose pixels which decreases the quality of the picture. Go close to the object rather than zooming.

Use back camera: Always use back camera of your smartphone as its quality is much better than its front camera.

Take some time: Don’t take picture quickly. Focus the object and make sure everything is in the frame. Take few pictures of same object from different angle and then choose the best picture.

Take advice: Join any photography club and take advice from the experts.

Backgrounds: You always concern about a particular object but it has some backgrounds. This can influence the beauty of the picture. Suppose you have taken a picture of a person and with him you also took a picture of dustbin. Just think how bad will it be? Always create a relation between background and the theme of the image.

Don’t shake: Hold your camera in a correct way and don’t shake.

Take your camera everywhere: Don’t keep your camera at home. Take this where you go. Take picture what you like around and capture every moments. By doing this you will be able to take many pictures and become an expert one day.

Use of software: You can use image editing software like Photoshop to enhance brightness, crop, and give effects to pictures. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Earn Money By Doing Survey

Earn Money by Doing Survey

If you are looking to earn by doing small work then doing survey will be a best choice for you. It’s a very easy work. You just give your own opinion about the product. Most companies want’s to find right people for their products. They need to know what people like you and me thinks about their products. They need to know the market demand and competition. So survey will help them to attain these goals and helps them to increase sell by increasing the quality of the product.

Fake websites:            

If you search at google for survey websites then you will get more than hundreds websites. But no need to become so excited most of them are fake. Many online lead generation companies are trying to scam people by creating these websites. There are few things you should consider before joining.

  • 1.     Fake websites claims to give 80$, 70$, 100$ per survey. On the other hand real websites will give you 0.10$, 0.20$ per survey. Some websites also offer free ipod, tab for just creating account.

  • 2.     These websites hide company information and they sell your information to third parties.

  • 3.     They offer big rewards for referring others or they may want money from you to give you training.  

  • 4.     They keep minimum payout so high such as 40$, 50$ which is not possible to earn after spending huge time.

Legit survey websites: 

Here I have listed some legit websites.



This website will give you points for just doing simple work like answering daily polls, watching videos, playing games and by searching pages. You can get 40 points per survey. Once you have earned 849 points you can get 5$ amazon gift card. It also supports paypal. Link withoutreferral.

My survey: 


Another popular survey site which gives you point for doing survey. Minimum payout is only 3$ and you can withdraw it by paypal. To get 3$ you need to earn 345 points. Join from here.



This site gives you 3000-5000 points per survey and its minimum payout is only 10$. You can get this by amazon gift card or Love2Shop gift card. 6000 points equals to 10$. Per survey takes 10-15 minutes. Sign up.



This site is paying its 6 million members for more than 12 years. If you live in USA then it will be the best site for you because it gives most offers to USA. Major problem is non-English speaking countries are not allowed. Join here.



Main advantage is that it supports many payment options like Payza, Paypal, Neteller, Gift cards and minimum payout is only 2$. Every day you will get many surveys to complete and it accepts all countries. Join from here.

Participate in survey via mobile:

To complete per survey you will need only 4 to 5 minutes. Another most interesting thing is that you can take participate in survey from anywhere like bus, school, office. Many survey websites have apps. You can download these in your smartphone for free and start making money.

Toluna mobile app: Download the app from here. Sign in with your log in information and start doing survey. You can also participate in discussions.

Swagbucks app: Like toluna this site also have app which allows you to do survey from anywhere. Download link.

SurveysOnTheGo: It is another app which gives .25$ to 1 $ per complete survey. Most surveys can be finished in less than 5 minutes. Minimum cashout is 10$. It gives money in your paypal instantly. Download link.

Mobee: It is another mobile application provides same service. Here you can complete survey of restaurants and retailers. Download link.

There are many legit survey sites. My advice will be to join every one of them and discover which is best suitable for you. Always read terms and conditions before joining and never pay to join.

Earn Money Online With YouTube

Earn Money Online with YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. Every month more than 1 million people download and share their videos for free. It has become a main income source of many people. You can also try to earn. This article will give you the ideas how you can earn money from YouTube by becoming YouTuber.

How to start:

To earn from YouTube you need to have a YouTube channel. To open a channel you need to open an account at YouTube. After creating channel upload some videos. You can’t get success if you don’t have enough visitors. To get more views try these steps.

  • 1.     Give your real username and make it short. These will help your visitors to remember your channel.

  • 2.     Upload high quality videos. Make sure sound and picture qualities are okay. I use camtesia studio for editing video. Don’t upload long videos and divide your video into smaller videos. Like web design part 1, web design part 2.

  • 3.     Share your videos at facebook, twitter and other social media, You can also make a blog or website where you can post your videos. You will get huge traffic by doing that.

  • 4.     Communicate with your audience, give response in comments and tell them what they like to see.

  • 5.     Give proper tags and description for your video to catch the attraction of the visitors. Keep uploading to hold your contact.

Start earning:

Once you have gained good number of visitors you can start to monetize your videos. There are several ways to do it.

  • 1.     Show ad: This is very common method. Google AdSense will show ads on your video or on the right side of your video. If someone clicks you will earn some cents. In order to show ads you need to monetize your videos. Click the Monetization tab when you upload a video.

  • 2.     Sell your own digital product: You can good customers from YouTube to sell your own digital products like apps, ebook, art. Make awesome videos for your product and give an eye-catching title to attract the attention. In the description give a link to buy the product.

  • 3.     Sell other’s product: If you don’t have the time to create products but still want to sell then join any affiliate marketing website like Clickbank and sell the products. You will get commission by doing this. In the video tell them what the benefits of the product are and why they should use it. Know the current demand and according to demand choose wisely.

  • 4.     Get traffic: If you run a website or blog which brings you money then YouTube will be the best place to get vast traffic. Make some content related videos and see the increasing income of your blog. Don’t forget to give link of your website in the description of video.